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Cobnial ^amiltaK iC tfie Vnttf ti iMoteK of fhnttfca

Otily jso copies of this hook kaiH horn printed from type and the type distributed

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In Kingdoms, the first foundation, or plantation, is of more noble dignity and merit than all that foUoweth. Lord Bacon.

He lives with his ancestry, and he Uves with his posterity; to both does he consider himself involved in deep responsi- bilities.— Washington Irving,

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Colonial jfamilk^ of tfje ^niteb States; of America









SociBTY OF Genealogists of London, England

National Genealogical Society

Old North- West Genealogical Socibtt

Maxyland Historical Society




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Cortwmmtf tgiy


Gioicx NoiBirtY Mackenzie

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OCT 1 8 1917 OS


It is hardly necessary to state that as in previous volumes every possible effort has been made to secure absolute accuracy, as to the genealogical tables contained in Volimie VI and the historical facts narrated therein.

The family records in almost every instance have been compiled from data in the possession of descendants of the founders of the families and from well authen- ticated public records. Most all of the pedigrees have been proved by American genealogbts of the highest standing.

To those whom I am indebted for access to their priceless records, and for the necessary assistance and encouragement, which has enabled me to edit this volume, I here extend my appreciation and thanks, more particularly to John Bailey Nicklin, Jr., Esq., of Chattanooga, Tennessee; Mr. Gilmer Speed Adams of Louisville, Kentucky; Mr. Samuel Putnam Avery of Hartford, Connecticut; the late Hon. Frank Baker of Chicago, Illinois; John Caldwell Calhoun, Esq., New York City; Charles W. Johnson, Esq., St. Paul, Minnesota; Charles Kingsbury Miller, Esq., Chicago, Illinois; William Lincoln Palmer, Esq., Boston, Massa- chusetts; Major Richard Stockton, Jr., United States Army; Hon. Charles Sey- mour Whitman, Governor of New York; and John Barber White, Esq., Kansas City, Missouri.

In the back of the volume will be found an index to the families published in the previous five volumes.

George Norbury Mackenhe.

i8o8 Park Avznue,

Balxdcore, Maryland,

U. S. A

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Colonial tomato

of ibt

IHtitteb i^tatti at Hbxuxia

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Colonial Families of the United States

of America


CHARLES CONRAD ABBOTT, M.D., of Tren- ton. New Jersey; b. 4th June, 1843; m. i3tli February, 1867, Julia Boggs Olden, b. 33d May, 1846, dau. of Job Gardner and Maria Bren- ton (Boggs) Oldes of Princeton, New Jersey.


I. Maria Olden, b. 27th December, 1867; m. 29th April, 1896, Joseph Paxson Camby of Hulmeville, Pennsylvania, son of Joseph and Margery (Paxson) Canby.


1. Pease Canby, b. ist July, 1897.

2. Joseph Olden Canby, b. loth July, 1900.

3. Arthur Brenton Canby.

4. Edward Canby.

n. Richard Mauleverer, b. 17th January, 1871. m. Julia Boggs, b. 21st August, 1874. IV. Arthur Brenton, b. ist April, 1883; d. 17th February, 1888.

Charlks Conkad Abbott, Naturalist M.D. University of Pennsylvania, 1865. Made large collection of archaeological specimens, now in Peabody Museiun, Cam- bridge, Massachusetts, where he was Assistant, 1876-1889. Member of the Ameri- can Philosophical Society, Boston Society of Natural History, Fellow of the Royal Society Antiquaries of the North, Copenhagen (Denmark), Academy of Sciences, Linnean Society, New York. Has written much on archaeological and biological subjects; demonstrated existence of man in Delaware River Valley during glacial and subsequent prehistoric periods. Author: "The Stone Age in New Jersey," 1876; "Primitive Industry," 1881; "A Naturalist's Rambles About Home," 1884; " Upland and Meadow,"i886; " Wasteland Wanderings,"i887 ; "Days Out of Doors," 1889; "Outings at Odd Times," 1890; "Recent Rambles," 1892; "Travels in a Tree-top," 1894; "The Birds About Us," 1894; "Notes of the Night," 1895; "A Colonial Wooing" (novel), 1895; "Birdland Echoes," 1896; "When the Century

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Was New" (novel), 1897; "The Hermit of Nottingham" (novel), 1897; "The Free- dom of the Fields," 1898; "Clear Skies and Cloudy," 1899; "In Nature's Reabn," 1900; "Archaeological Explorations in the Valley of the Delaware," 1894; "Rambles of an Idler," 1906; " Archaeologica Nova Caesarea," 1907, 1908, 1909; "Ten Years' Diggings in Lenape Land," 1912. He is lineally descended from the following Sureties for the Magna Charter:

William D'Albini Hugh Bigod Roger Bigod Henry De Bohun

Gilbert De Clare Richard De Clare John Fitzrobert John De Lacie

William De Lan-

vaUie William Malet WiUiam De Mow- bray

Saise De Quincy Robert De Roos Robert De Vere


The founder of this family was John Abbott, b. circa 1660, in Famsfield, Not- tinghamshire, England; d. i6th October, 1739; came in the ship called Bristol Mar- chant, William Smith, conunander, arriving in Philadelphia August, 1684; settled in Nottingham Township, New Jersey, in 1684, and was foimder of Abbott's Land- ing on Crosswicks Creek. Was elected Constable of Nottingham, 1691, and Over- seer of Highways, 1694, and in 1721 was Surveyor of Highways; m. 26th May, 1696, at the Chesterfield Monthly Meeting, Anne Mauleverer, dau. of Edmimd and Anne (Pierson) Mauleverer, who was, it is thought, a descendant of Sir Richard Mauleverer, Knight Templar of the Norman Conquest.


I. Mary, 6. 14th November, 1696; d. 9th February, 1739; m. (firstly) 24th September, 1720, Benjamin Elus of Philadelphia; m. (secondly) 12th September, 1730, George Williams of Shrewsbury, New Jersey.

n. Anne, b. 14th September, 1698; d. loth August, 1767; m, Jonathan Biles.

III. Jane, b. 9th March, 1701; d. 3d January, 1780; m. i6th December, 1726,

Joseph Burr of Northampton, New Jersey.

IV. Rachel, b. ist January, 1704; d. in early infancy.

V. Rachel, b. 12th Jime, 1706; d. immarried 6th October, 1777. VI. John, b, 22d September, 1708; d, immarried 2d November, 1795. VII. Elizabeth, b. sth November, 171 1; m. i8th March, 1738, George Wil- liams, Jr., of Shrewsbury, New Jersey, vin. Timothy, b, 9th February, 1717, of whom later. DC. Sarah, b. 12th January, 1719; d. 2d May, 1746; m. 22d March, 1740,

Hezekiah Williams, brother of George Willl^ms, Jr. X. Samuel, b. 22d August, 1721; m. 3d April, 1746, Elizabeth Hastings, dau. of John Hastings, of Philadelphia.

Timothy Abbott of Abbott's Landing, Burlington Coimty, New Jersey; b. 9th February, 1717; d. 30th November, 1776; m. 27th September, 1746, Anne Satter-

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THWAiTE, d. isth September, 1777, dau. of William and Mary (Osborne) Satter- THWAiTE of Burlington County, New Jersey.


I. John, b. 29th October, 1747, of whom later. n. Samuel, d. in infancy. in. Samuel, b. 3d November, 1749; d. 2 2d February, 1828; m. 9th March,

177s, Lucie Laurie. IV. Marmaduke, b. 2d March, 1753; d. 1824.

V. William, b. 20th September, 1755; d. 6th September, 1793; tn. 13th March, 1783 (firstly) Helena Laurie, d. 19th September, 1784; m. (secondly) nth January, 1787, Rebecca Holloway. VI. Mary, d. in infancy, vn. Rebecca, d. in infancy, vin. Abel, b. 3d October, 1763; d. 1823-1824. DC. Timothy, b. 24th August, 1767; tn, (firstly) 12th May, 1802, Rebecca

Howard, d. 17th , 1818; m, (secondly) 9th May, 1822, Anne

Newbold, d.s.p.

issue by first marriage

1. Howard, b. loth April, 1803; d. 27th November, 1828; m. Susan S.


2. William, b, 30th October, 1804; d. 20th June, 1837; m. Sarah Ann


3. Oiarles, b. loth October, 1806; d. 1881; w. Rebecca F. Pitpield.

4. George, b. 21st January, 1808; d. 3d January, i860; tn. Elizabeth W.


5. Rebecca, b. 31st August, 1810; d, 7th June, 1883; tn. Joseph Pancoast,

who was one of the world's greatest surgeons.

X. David, b. 21st March, 1770; d. September, 1846; tn. 6th January, 1798, Margery Smith of Philadelphia.

John Abbott of Abbott's Landing, Nottingham, New Jersey; b. 29th October, 1747; d. 26th October, 1809; m. 17th September, 1778, Susannah Bullock, dau. of Joseph and Elizabeth (Wright) Bullock of Burlington Coimty, New Jersey.


I. Joseph, b. 8th July, 1779, of whom later, n. Timothy, b. loth December, 1780; d. 1803, in South America, in. Ann, b. 2Sth August, 1782; d. 30th July, 1846; tn. loth September, 1812,

Thomas Collins. IV. Elizabeth, b. i8th August, 1785; d. October, 1854; tn. 9th September, 1802, Solomon White Conrad.

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V. Lucy, b. isth March, 1787; d. 24th December, i860. VI. Susanna, d. in infancy, vn. Edith, d. in early childhood, vni. John, b. 23d August, 1792; rf. 30th July, 1851. DC. George, b. 27th December, 1795; d. ist December, 1851.

X. Hannah, b, 23d June, 1799; d. 17th September, 1825.

Joseph Abbott of Nottingham Township, Burlington County, New Jersey, b. 8th July, 1779; d. 28th October, 1861; m. 7th March, 1805, Anne Rickey, d. 20th November, 1846, dau. of John and Amy (Olden) Rickey.


I. Susan, b. 20th January, 1806; d. 4th November, 1879.

n. John Rickey, b, 28th September, iSoj;d. i$th August, 1876.

m. Timothy, b. 3d June, 1809, of whom later.

IV. Ephraim Olden, b. 3d Jime, 1809; d, 19th March, 1889; m. (firstly) i6th December, 1840, Anne Hance, d. 12th August, 1843; m. (secondly) 31st December, 1846, Catherine Mover, d. 3d January, 1887.

V. Joseph Gardner, b. 3d April, 1811; d. 14th July, 1876; m. (firstly) nth January, 1843, Rebecca Harrison, d. 28th March, 1854; m. (secondly) Martha Ellis, d. 13th January, 1883.

VI. Thomas, b. 9th March, 1813; d. 28th August, 1825. vn. Amy Ann, b. i6th November, 1814; d. 12th January, 1892. vin. George B., b. loth September, 1816; d. 7th January, 1873; m. 20th Sep- tember, 1837, Rebecca Comfort, d. 30th July, 1849.

DC. Elizabeth, b. loth June, 1819; d. loth March, 1882; m. 5th September, 185s, Ezekiel Combs.

Timothy Abbott of Trenton, New Jersey; b. 3d June, 1809; d, 20th November, 1882; Cashier and then President of Mechanics National Bank of Trenton from 1850-1853 and 1870-1882; m. 19th November, 1832, Susan Conrad, b. ist Decem- ber, 1807, d. 19th July, 1864; dau. of Solomon White and Elizabeth (Abbott) Conrad, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


I. Mary G., b, 23d December, 1833, immarried.

II. Joseph, 6. isth Jime, 1837; d. 29th August, 1862; m. 4th June, 1861 Ann Eliza Hunt of Kingston, Jamaica, British West Indies.


I. Ada Frances, b. 7th May, 1862; m. 7th May, 1883, Alfred L. Black. m. Frances, b. sth April, 1840; m. loth July, 1865, Julia C. Shewell.

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1. Joseph de Benneville, b. 28th June^ 1866; m. iSth November, 1899,

Helen Shewell Keim .

2. Francis L., b. 7th February, 1870; m, Jennie Fine.

3. Charles Shewell, b. 9th November, 1871.

IV. Chakles Conrad, b, 4th June, 1843, the subject of this memoir.

Residence. ^Bristol, Pennsylvania, formerly Three Beeches, Trenton, New Jersey, until 13th November, 1914, when residence was destroyed by fire and estate later sold to Pennsylvania Railroad.

Arms (Mauleverer). Sable three greyhounds courant in pale argent, collared or.

Crest. A mi^le branch sprouting from the trunk of a tree all ppr.

Motto. ^En Dieu ma foy.

Societies. Order of Runnemede, American Philosophical (Philadelphia), Natural History (Boston), New York Academy of Sciences, Limuean of New York, Anthro- pological of Washington (D. C), Minnesota Historical of St. Paul, Fellow Royal Societies of Antiquaries of the North, Copenhagen, etc.

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GILMER SPEED ADAMS, of LouisviUe, Ken- tucky; b. 19th August, 1854, in Mobile, Ala- bama; m. 28th October, 1886, in Louisville, Kentucky, Lettie Reed Robinson, b. 8th November, 1857, dau. of John McHenry Robinson, b. 21st Sep- tember, 1824, rf. i6th March, 1894, m. 22d May, 1856, in Springfield, Kentucky, Maria Louisa Booker, b. 23d April, 1834.

Gilmer Speed Adams, Merchant and Manufac- turer, was educated at LouisviUe, Kentucky; Ccxn- missioner of LouisviUe, Kentucky, Hospital; Direc- tor in Citizens National Bank, First National, Fidel- ity Columbia Trust Company, Kentucky Title Savings Bank and Trust Company, Kentucky Title Company, University of LouisviUe; Governor of Kentucky Society of Colonial Wars, 1914-1915, Member Chapter (vestry) Christ Church Cathedral (Episcopal).


Captain Ebenezer Adams, d. 13th June, 1735; emigrated from England to St. Peter's Parish, New Kent County, Virginia, before 1714, and received grants of 3983 acres of land in New Kent and Henrico Coimties in that year; subsequently became a vestryman of St. Peter's Parish nth Jime, 1718, and remained so and as a warden untU his death. In 1731 he became Captain of Colonial MiUtia; m, circa 1718, Tabitha Cocke, dau. of Richard Cocke the younger of Bremo by his first wife Anne Bowler, dau. of Thomas Bowler, Esq., of Rappahannock Coimty, a member of the Virginia CouncU 1670.


I. Richard, d. in infancy.

n. Bowler, b. 19th April, 1722; d. in infancy.

m. William, b. 4th July, 1724; d. before 2Sth August, 1763.

IV. Richard, b. 17th May, 1726, of whom later.

V. Tabitha, b. July, 1728; d. 1764, m, Richard Eppes, Member of House of Burgesses, i7S2-i7SS> 1758-1764; had issue.

VI. Thomas, b. in New Kent County, drca 1730; d, at his seat "Cow Pas- ture" August, 1788, in Augusta Coimty; was Clerk of Henrico Coimty, Vestryman and Warden Henrico Parish, Secretary of Indian Treaty at Cataba Town 20th February, 1756; about 1762 went to England and became a merchant in London; returned to Virginia in 1772. May 27th, 1774, one of the Signers of an "Association" entered into by late Members of the House of Burgesses. Chairman of the New


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Kent County Committee, 1774, Member of the Old Congress, 1778, and signed the Articles of Confederation between the States. Remov- ing to Augusta Coimty, he represented in the Legislature that district comprising Augusta, Rockingham, Rockbridge, and Shenandoah from 1784-1787. He was an earnest patriot; m. Elizabeth (Fauntleroy) Cocke, Jr.

vn. Anne, 6. drca 1731; d, 1775; w. drca 1748 (as second wife), Col. Francis Smith of South Franham Parish, Essex County, Member of the House of Burgesses 1752-1758; had issue.

vin. Sarah, m. Col. John Fry, b. 7th May, 1737, of the Colonial Militia, Mem- ber of the House of Burgesses from Albemarle County, Virginia; 1761- 1764; was also a Vestryman of St. Anne's Parish, Albemarle County.


1. Joshua Fry, moved to Kentucky; m. Peachy Walker, dau. of Dr.

Thomas Walker, the Kentucky Explorer; had issue.

2. WiUiam A. Fry, m. and had issue.

3. Tabitha Fry, m. Bowler Cocke; no issue.

Colonel Richari) Adams of Richmond, Virginia; b. 17th May, 1726, in New Kent County; d. 2d August, 1800, at Richmond. Was a member of the House of Burgesses for New Kent and Henrico Coimtries from 1752 to 1775; House of Dele- gates 1776-1778; Convention of 1776; Virginia Senate 1779-1782; was an ardent patriot throughout the Revolution and one of the most enterprising, public spirited, wealthy and influential citizens of Richmond; w. loth April, 1755, Elizabeth Griffin, b, 1738, d. 23d December, 1800, dau. of Leroy and Mary Anne (Bertrand) Griffin of Richmond, Virginia, and sister of Judge Cyrus Griffin of Williamsburg. Colonel Richard Adams, his wife and many of his descendants are buried in Richmond, Virginia. Leroy Griffin was High Sheriff of Richmond Coimty, Virginia, 1734; his wife Mary Anne Bertrand was the dau. of John Bertrand, a Hugenot refugee, who fled from France during the persecution of Louis XIV. Leroy Griffin was son of Thomas Griffin, Burgess from Richmond Coimty, Virginia, 1715, 1718- 1723-1726, who was the son of Col. Le Roy Griffin, Justice of Rappahannock County, Virginia, 1680, and Colonel of Militia. His mother was Winifred Corbin, dau. of Col. Henry Corbin, Member of the Virginia Coimcil 1663, Burgess 1658- 1659.

Griffin Arms. ^A lion rampant.

Corbin Arms, ^Sable on a chief or three ravens ppr.


I. Tabitha, b. 4th July, 1756; d. unmarried 17th February, 1828. n. Elizabeth Pressin, b, 17th December, 1757; d. unmarried 1832.

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in. Thomas Bowler, b, i8th December, 1759; ^- 28th November, 1794, in

Richmond; m. Sarah Mowism, whose mother was a Miss Bland of

Prince George County. IV. Richard, b. 26th November, 1760; d. January, 1817; m. (firstly) Mrs.

Elizabeth Southall of Chatsworth; m. (secondly) Mrs. Sarah Travers

Daniel Hay; had issue. V. Anne, b. 27th October, 1762; d, 22d October, 1820; m. 30th September,

1787, Col. Mayo Carmngton of "Boston Hill," Cumberland County,

Virginia. VI. William, b. 8th June, 1764; d. unmarried isth June, 1787. VII. Sarah, b. 14th January 1766; d. 30th September, 1806; m. 7th February,

i793i William Smith, Governor of Virginia and Member of House of

Delegates 1791-1793, who was lost in the Richmond Theatre fire

26th December, 181 1; had issue, vm. Alice, b. 20th February, 1768; m, 28th June, 1788, William Marshall

of Fauquier Coimty, Virginia; had issue. DC. Ebenezer, d. in infancy. X. John, b. 14th July, 1773; d. 23d June, 1825; Physician and prominent

citizen of Richmond for many years; m. Margaret Winston, dau. of

Geddes Winston of Richmond. XT. Samuel Griffin, b, sth May, 1776, of whom later.

Samuel Griffin Adams of Richmond, Virginia; b. there sth May, 1776; d. there 15th July, 1821. Was adjutant 19th Regiment Virginia Militia War of 1812; was projector first water works system of Richmond, 1809; served in Virginia Assembly; m. Meffy i797) Katherine Elizabeth Innes, b. 9th May, 1779, d. sth l^ovember, 1836, dau. of Judge Henry Innes, b, in Caroline Coimty, Wginia, iSth January, 1753, d. 20th September, 1816, in Frankfort, Kentucky, m, (firstly) 3d October, 1775, Katherine Elizabeth Callaway, b. i7s6, d, 26th December, 1790, niece of Col. James Innes, Lieutenant Colonel in the Revolutionary War, the first Attorney-General of Virginia and was offered the appointment of Attorney- General of the United States by Washington but declined. Judge Innes was a Member of the Virginia Legislature in 1783 and in that year was elected by the Legislature of Virginia as one of the Judges of the Supreme Court for the District of Kentucky. In 1785 was elected by the Virginia Legislature, Attorney-General for the district of Kentucky. In 1789 he was appointed Judge of the United States Court for the District of Kentucky, which office he held imtil his death in 1816, in the meantime having declined the appointment of Chief Justice of the Court of Appeals, which was offered him when Kentucky became a State in 1792. Was a member of the Kentucky Board of War in 1 791; Member of Danville Convention in 1785, 1787 and 1788 lookmg to the erection of Kentucky into a separate State; and was a Member of the Convention in Frankfort in 1799 which formed the Constitution of Kentucky. His wife, Elizabeth Callaway was the daughter of Col. James Callaway of Bedford County, Virginia, who was a Biurgess from that

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County in 1 766-1 768 and who with William Preston Robert Adams, Jr. (a de- scendant of Capt. Ebenezer Adams) and Charles Lynch formed the original Lynch law, and their acts were condoned and they were granted indemnity by the Virginia General Assembly, October, 1782.


L Sarah, b, 13th July, 1776; m. 1792, Francis Thornton and had issue, n. Katherine Elizabeth, b. 9th May, 1779; m. 7th May, 1797, Samuel G.

Adams. m. Elizabeth, J. 23d September, 1785; m, June, 1805, Thomas Alexander.

IV. Ann, b. 6th April, 1787; m. October, 1802, John Morris.

Ifmes Arms. ^Argent three stars with a bordure, chigney of the jGirst and second. Cresi, ^A branch of Palm slipped, ppr. Motto.— ''OmsLtus Radix Fronde."

issue of SAMXTEL G. and katherine ELIZABETH (iNNES) ADAMS

L Elizabeth Innes, b. 30th April, 1798; d. 20th November, 1803. n. Richard, b. 7th February, 1800; d. nth June, 1851; m. (firstly) Mary

Selden; m. (secondly) Lucy W. Thornton; had issue. in. Mary Grifl^, b. 8th February, 1803; d. 20th February, 1870; m. George

Pollard; had issue. IV. Innes Callaway, b. 6th March, 1807; d. i6th August, 1862; m. (firstly)

Ellen Green Wiluams; m. (secondly) Hannah W. Woodward.

V. Samuel GriflBn, b. 31st July, 1810; d. 24th June, 1839; m. Maria Gilmer. VL John, b. 7th July, 181 2; d. May, 1813.

vn. George William, b. 29th Mardi, 1814; d. 1853; m. Jane Rufi&n Robert- son; had issue, vm. Thomas, b. 15th June, 1816, of whom later. DC. James Innes, b. i8th December, 1818; d. 1855; m. Henrietta Catherine


Thomas Adams, of Richmond, Virginia; b. isth June, 1816; d. ist July, 1858; removed from Virginia to Louisville, Kentucky and then to Mobile, Alabama, where he became a prominent merchant and steamboat owner. His health failing he removed to an estate near Louisville, where he died the same year; m. 6th October, 1846, at ''Farmington" near Louisville, Kentucky, Martha Bell Speed, b. 8th September, 1822, d. 31st March, 1903, dau. of Judge John and Lucy Gilmer (Fry) Speed. Hon. Joshua Fry Speed who was President Lincoln's most intimate friend and Hon. James Speed who was Attorney-General in President Lincoln's •cabinet were brothers of Martha Bell Speed.


l Elate, b. 29th November, 1848; d. 8th February, 1862. n. Lucy Ness, b. 14th February, 1852; d. 23d June, 1853.

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m. Gilmer Speed, b. 19th August, 1854, the subject of this memoir.

IV. Bessie Imies, b. 7th May, 1857; d. isth July, 1857. V. Jessie St. John, b. loth June, 1858; rf. 2Sth May, 1894; m. 20th November,

1892, Horace Speed, b. ; studied law in the office of President

Benjamin Harrison at Indianapolis, Indiana, and when married was the jGirst United States District Attorney for Oklahoma; he was son of Thomas and Margaret (Hawkins) Speed.

Arms. ^Ermine three cats passant in pale azure.

Crest. ^A boar's head argent, couped gules.

Residence. 1355 Third Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky.

Clubs. ^Pendennis and Louisville Country.

Societies. Colonial Wars, Sons American Revolution, Kentucky State Histori- cal Society (life Member), \^ginia Historical Society, life Member National Geographic Society.

John Speed, I, of London, England, the historian, geographer and antiquarian was b. at Farrington, Coimty Cheshire, England, 1552. His great work was the "History of England'' with accompanying maps. He was buried in the chancel of the Church of St. Giles, Cripplegate, London, where a monimient stands over his grave. The remains of John Milton rest in the same church. One of his sons,

Dr. John Speed, II, b. 1595, was educated at Oxford and buried in the Chapel of St. John's Col- lege, Oxford; one of his sons,

John Speed, HI, M.D., was educated as a phy- sician at St. Johns' College, Oxford, and practiced his profession at Southampton, England, as late as 1694. His son,

James Speed, b. in England 28th September, 1679, was the emigrant to ^^ginia about 169s ;,w. 6th September, 1711, in Surrey County, Virginia, Mary Pulley, b. 1693, d. June, 1733.

issue L James, b. i6th June, 1712. n. John, b. sth February, 17 14, of whom later. HL William T., b. 19th February, 1716. IV. Thomas, b. 28th February, 1719.

John Speed, b. sth February, 1714; d. 8th March, 1785; m. 6th October, 1737, Mrs. Mary Minetry Taylor who d. ist July, 1782.

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I. John, b. 3d August, 1738; a Revolutionary soldier; m. Sarah Baird, had

issue, n. James, b. 4th March, 1739, in Mecklenberg County, Wginia; of whom

later, m. Henry, b. 28th March, 1742; Revolutionary soldier; m, Elizabeth Julia

Spencer. IV. Sarah, b. 14th February, 1743; m, Richard Hansaio). V. Lewis, b. 2Sth January, 1745; killed as. a Revolutionary soldier.

VI. Martha, b. nth August, 1748; m. Apperson.

vn. Joseph, 6. 27th May, 1750; Member of \^ginia Convention, May, 1776; Revolutionary soldier; m. Ann Bignall; had issue.

vin. Lucy, b. nth April, 1752; m. Jeter; had issue.

DC. Mathias, b. i8th June, 1754, m., removed to Casey County, Kentucky;

had issue. X. Son, d. young. XI. Mary, d. young.

Captain James Speed of ; b. 4th March, 1739, Mecklen

berg County, Virginia; d. 3d September, 181 1. He was a Burgess from Charlotte County, Virginia, 1772-1775. (Stanard's "Colony Virginia Register"). He served in the Revolutionary War, first as Lieutenant and then as Captain and was wounded at the battle of Guilford Court House, North Carolina, isth March, 1718, while leading his command in battle. One of his family of six brothers who served in the Revolutionary War was killed in this battle. For his military ser- vices before and during the Revolutionary War he received large grants of land. He moved to Kentucky with his family in the fall of 1782 from Charlotte Court House, Caroline Coimty, \^ginia, over the "\Wldemess Road," which led through the mountains of Virginia to Cumberland Gap and thence to Danville, Kentucky, ?^ch was then in Lincoln County. He was a member of the early Kentucky Con- ventions of 1783-1785, 1787. He was a member of the Political Club, a society of the leading men in Kentucky, which met from 1786 to 1790 at Danville, then the capital of Kentucky. He died near Danville 3d September, 1811; m. loth Decem- ber, 1767, in Charlotte Coimty, Virginia, Mary Spencer.


I. Thomas, b, 2Sth October, 1768; as a young man was clerk of the Bullett and Nelson Circuit Courts, Secretary of the Political Club of Dan- ville, 1786; was a Major in the War of 181 2, Membej of Congress 1817-1819; m. (firstly) nth December, 1796, Susan Clayton Slaughter; f». (secondly) 9th January, 1810, Mrs. Mary McElroy Allen; left issue.


I. A child who died in infancy.

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n. Mary, J. 8th June, 1770; m. 1789, William Smith; had issue, in. John, b. 17th May, 1772, of whom later. IV. IJlizabeth, b. 7th February, 1774; m. 1792, Dr. Adams Rankin; had issue.

V. James, b. 7th February, 1774; d. 14th September, 1812, umnarried. VT. Henry, b. isth August, 1777; m. Miss Smith; had issue.

Judge John Speed, J. 17th May, 1772; d. 30th March, 1840. Served in War against Indians 1791; was early in life a merchant and salt manufacturer at the licks near Shepherdsville, Kentucky; was Judge of Quarter Sessions Court, Jefferson County, Kentucky. Although a slaveholder, was an Emancipationist. He was admired and respected by all who knew him, including Rev. James Freeman Clark, who eulogizes him in his "Recollections." Judge John Speed owned a handsome estate of the celebrated "Beargrass" land near Louisville, upon which he built a large house of the old Colonial style of architecture which he called "Farmington" and where was dispensed lavish hospitality; m. (firstly) Abby Lemaster, who d. ist July, 1807; m. (secondly) isth November, 1808, in Mercer County, Kentucky, Lucy Gilmer Fry, b. in Albemarle Coimty, Virginia, 23d March, 1788, d. 27th January, 1874, dau. of Joshua and Peachy (Walker) Fry. Joshua Fry, b. circa 1760, was a soldier in the War of the Revolution at 14, and was at Comwallis' surrender. He received the best classical education and had a decided taste for scholarly pursuits. He inherited a large estate and in 1798 left Virginia for Ken- tucky with his family and settled at Danville and became the owner of very large tracts of fine land. His tastes led him to teaching and he became the most noted educator in Kentucky. Being a man of large means, he would never receive com- pensation for teaching and gave instruction to himdreds of pupils gratuitously. In the published biographical sketches of many of the most prominent Kentuckians, the fact of being educated by Joshua Fry is especially mentioned. His father was Col. John Fry who commanded the Virginia troops in the early colonial wars, and was a Member of the House of Burgesses 1761 to 1764. His mother was Sarah Adams, dau. of Ebenezer Adams, of New Kent County, \^ginia. The father of Col. John Fry (See Adams line, p. 8) was Col. Joshua Fry. Col. Joshua Fry was educated at Oxford, England, emigrated to Virginia previous to 17 10, during which year he was vestryman Essex Parish, Virginia, Magistrate Essex County, Virginia, 1710-1720; here he m. Mrs. Mary Micou Hill, of Hugenot descent; Master of Grammar School William and Mary College, 1729; Professor of Natural Philoso- phy and Mathematics at William and Mary College, 1732 to 1737; Presiding Justice, Surveyor and County Lieutenant for Albemarle Coimty, Virginia, at its forma- tion, February 28th, 1745. Together with his intimate friend Peter Jefferson (father of Thomas Jefferson) he was Commissioner in 1745-1749 of the Crown in marking boimdary Unes between ^^ginia and North Carolina. Joint author of Fry and Jefferson's map of Virginia in 1749; Commissioner for Crown at Treaty of Logstown (near Pittsburg) with six Nation Indians in 1752; Member of House of Burgesses, 1745-1754, and Coundl; commissioned 25th February, 1754, by Governor Dinwiddie as Colonel and Commander-in-Chief of the Virginia forces

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m French and Indian War, his compensation being 15 shillings ($3.75) per day and £100 per year for his table. George Washington was the Lieutenant Colonel, compensation as such per day 12s. 6d. ($3.12^). While in command at Fort Cum- berland, Virginia, on the Potomac River, he d. 31st May, 1754, and was buried near there. George Washington, who, by reason of Colonel Fry's death became Commander in Chief, and the Army attended the funeral, and on a large oak tree which served as a tomb and monument to his memory, George Washington cut the following inscription:

"Under this oak lies the body of The Good, the Just and the Noble Fry"

("Memoir of Col. Joshua Fry,"— Rev. P. Slaughter.)

Peachy Walker, b. 6h February, 1767; m. Joshua Fry. Was a dau. of Dr. Thomas Walker, of Castie Hill, by his first wife, Mildred Thornton, widow of Nicholas Meriwether. Dr. Walker's ancestors came from Staffordshire, England. Capt. Thomas Walker was Burgess from Gloucester County, Virginia, 1662; in 1666 he is called Maj. Thomas Walker, in the list of Burgesses. Tities were strictiy applied because they meant something in those days. His grandson Thomas Walker, lived in King and Queen, and m. there in 1707. He was the father of Dr. Thomas Walker of Castle HiU, Albemarle County, who was b. 25th January, 1714, and d. 9th November, 1794; he is believed to be the first white man who e}q>lored Kentucky. He was Commissary-General of Virginia troops in Braddock's war; Member of House of Burgesses, of the Virginia Convention of 1775; Com- missioner to treat with the Indians after their defeat by Andrew Lewis, Com- missioner to run boundary line between Virginia and North Carolina, known as Walker's line, and he was the guardian of ThcHnas Jefferson. He m. (firstly) 1741, the widow of Nicholas Meriweteer, whose maiden name was Mildred Thornton.


I. Mary Walker, b. 24th July, 1742; m, Nicholas Lewis, of Albemarle.

n. CoL Jdm Walker, of Bdvoir; 6. 13th February, 1744; confidential

Aide-de-camp to Washington; Member of Congress and Senator of

United States; m. Elizabeth Moore, dau. of Bernard Moore and

granddau. of Governor Spotswood.

in. Susan Walker (often called Sukie), b. 14th December, 1746; f». Henry,

often called Harry Fry then Deputy Clerk of Albemarle. IV. Thomas Walker, b. 17th March, 1748-49; Captain in Revolution, 9th Regunent; m. , dau. of Thomas Hoops of Carlisle, Pennsyl- vania, who educated Benjamin West, the painter.

v. Lucy Walker, b, sth May, 1751; m. Dr. George Gilmer of Pen Park, Albemarle, the father of Francis Walker Gilmer, first Professor of Law, University Virginia, Author and Scholar; and of Mildred, wife of William Wirt, Attorney-General of United States, and grand-

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father of Thomas Walker Gilmer, Governor of Vu-ginia, and Secre- tary of the United States Navy.

VI. Elizabeth Walker, 6. ist August, 1753; m. Rev. Matthew Maury, Fredericksville Parish, Virginia.

vn. Mildred Walker, b. sth June, 1755; w. Joseph Hornsby; no issue, vm. Sarah Walker, b. 28th March, 1785; m. Col. Reuben Lindsay.

IX. Martha Walker, b. 2d May, 1760; f». George Divers of "Framington," Albemarle.

X. Reuben Walker, d. in infancy.

XI. Col. Francis Walker, Colonel 88th Regiment; residuary legatee of Dr. Thomas Walker, b. June, 1764; d. 1806; Member of Congress from Albemarle and Orange Coimties, ^ginia, 1792-1795. xn. Peachy Walker, b. 6th February, 1767; m. Joshua Fry, Danville, Ken- tucky.


L John Fry, m, Judith Harrison; had issue, n. Thomas Walker Fry, m. Elizabeth Speed Smith; had issue, m. Lucy Gilmer Fry, m. Judge John Speed, of whom later. IV. Sally Fry, m. John Green; had issue.

V. Martha Fry, m, David Bell; had issue. VI. Ann Fry, m. William C. Bulutt; had issue, vn. Susan Fry, rf. unmarried.


I. James, d. in infancy, n. James, d. in infancy.

m. Mary, who lived to an advanced age; d, unmarried. IV. Eliza, d. unmarried.


L Thomas, b. isth September, 1809; d. 12th July, 1812. n. Lucy Fry, b. 26th February, 181 1; m. James D. Breckinridge; no issue, m. James, 6. nth March, 181 2; d. 2 sth June, 1887; Attorney-General,

Lincoln's Cabinet; m. , 1841, Jane Cochran; issue, six boys.

rv. Peachy Walker, b. 4th May, 1813; d. i8th January, 1891; m. Austin

Peay. V. Joshua Fry, b, 14th November, 1814; d. 29th May, 1882; m. isth FAfu-

ary, 1842, Fannie Henning; no issue. VI. William Pope, b. 26th April, 1816; d. in Boonville, Missouri, 28th June,

1863, married.

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1. Margaret D. Phillips; no issue.

2. Mary Ellen Shallcross; had issue.

3. Ardell Hutchinson; had issue.

vn. Susan Fry, b. 30th September, 181 7; m. sth June, 1838, B. O. Davis;

had issue. vm. Philip, a Major in Union Army, Civil War, b. 12th April, 1819; d. ist November, 1882; m. Emma Keats, a niece of the poet John Keats; had issue. DC. John Smith, 6. ist January, 1812; d. 26th October, 1886; m. (firstly) Elizabeth Williamson, no issue; m. (secondly) Susan Philups; had issue. X. Martha Bell, b. 8th September, 1822; d. 31st March, 1903; m, 6th Octo- ber, 1846, Thomas Adams, b. isth Jime, 1816, d. ist July, 1858 (see Adams line, page 8, this book); had issue. XL Ann Pope, b. sth November, 1831; d. 9th October, 1838.

Arms. Gules on a chief or, two swallows, wing expanded ppr. Crest. ^A swallow, wings expanded ppr.

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XX TINTHROP ALEXANDER of Roxbury, \/\/ Massachusetts; b. isth November, 1861, in Boston; m. there (firstly) 23d Decem- ber, 1889, Elizabeth Blake Wood, b. Brookline, Massachusetts, isth September, 1866, d. Washing- ton, D. C, 13th Jime, 1895, dau. of Charles Blake Wood of Boston, b. 21st February, 1839, d. 24th April, 1876, M. 6th October, 1864, Marietta Gridley Bowman of Boston, b. 13th July, 1839; m. (secondly) 25th November, 1897, at Auburn, Maine, Harriet Bethiah Briggs, b. there, 23d Npvember, 1869, dau. of William Henry Briggs of Auburn, Maine, b 8th January, 1833, d. 19th October, 1906, m. 2Sth September, 1856, Mary Ann Dillingham, b. 20th April, 1838, d. ist September, 1909.


I. Charles Winthrop, b. nth April, 1892 (through maternal line a descendant

of Isaac Alierton of the Mayflower). n. Marion Louise, b. 14th October, 1893 ;f». 14th October, 1915, Arthur WHlard Snow of Boston; (through her maternal line a descendant of Isaac Aller- TON of the Mayflower).


I. Donald Briggs, b. 3d November, 1898 (through maternal line descendant of Gov. William Bradford and Elder William Brewster of the May- flower). II. Harriet Bradford, b. sth November, 1903 (through maternal line descend- ant of Gov. William Bradford and Elder William Brewster, of the Mayflower).

Winthrop Alexander has been engaged in engineering architecture, and build- ing construction. At present Superintendent of tixe Suffolk Coimty Court House, Boston. Has had thirty-two years military service in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, District of Columbia and Canada, serving from private to colonel.


John Alexander, b. in Scotland, drca 1615, came to Massachusetts prior to 1644 and later settled at Windsor in the Connecticut Valley.


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I. George, b. in Scotland, of whom later. n. John. m. Thomas.

Geosge Alexander of Northfield and Northampton, Massachusetts; b. in Scot- land, circa ; d. 5th May, 1703, in Northfield; m i8th March, 1644, Susanna

Sage, d. sth May, 1684.


L John, b. 2Sth July, 1645, of whom later, n. Abigail, b. 1647; w- i^^h June, 1663, Thomas Webster. m. Mary, b. 20th October, 1648; m. 23d September, 1670, Micah Mudoe. IV. Daniel, b. 12th January, 1651; d. drca 1684.

V. Nathaniel, b. 29th December, 1652; d. 29th October, 1742; m. 20th June,

1679 Hannah Allen. VL Sarah, b. 8th December, 1654; m. 6th July, 1678, Samuel Curtis.

John Alexander of Windsor, Connecticut, and Northampton, Massachusetts; b. 2Sth July, 1645, ^ Windsor, Connecticut; d. 31st December, 1733, at North- ampton; m. i8th November, 1671, Sarah Gaylord, b. i8th January, 1652; d. 3d November, 1732, dau. of Samuel and Elizabeth (Hull) Gaylord of Windsor, the son of William of England, whom he accompanied to America.


L John, b. 24th January, 1673; ^' 24th January, 1748-1749. n. Nathaniel, b, 6th April, 1676; m, 3d December, 1707, Abigail Searle. m. Samuel, b, 6th November, 1678; d. 1763. IV. Joseph, b. i6th October, 1681; d, 30th September, 1761; m. 28th May,

1705, Margaret Mattoon. V. Ebenezer, b, 17th October, 1684, of whom later. VI.